The Malaysian Cyclocross Competition (MCX) is a unique cycling competition in that it is essentially a personal endurance challenge where you compete against others, the clock and yourself.

Unlike other cycling competitions, cyclocross is within a small circuit of only 3.2km long. The goal of the race is to get through as many laps as possible, within the given time. Each race typically lasts for 60-90 minutes.

For the Malaysian Cyclocross Competition, there will be 1,000 participants expected in each series. For safety reasons, groups of 200-300 riders will be released at a time. Every rider will be given an individual electronic tag that is used to track the time from start to finish.

The riders will be ranked according to the number of laps they completed within the given time.

Road Racing

Mountain Biking


Cyclocross or commonly known as CX is said to have combination of elements from road racing, mountain biking, and steeplechase. It is truly one of the most unique, challenging, and an enjoyable form of bike racing in existence. Each course features a combination of rough terrains — such as deep mud, sand, rocks, and other obstacles.

Because it is a closed circuit, spectators get to enjoy the race, as they can get up close and personal with the riders to cheer them on multiple times throughout the event and not miss any of the action. 

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